#LOSPHICE - 6.00€ 

But a fried cheese and pepper, accompanied by potato croquettes, have you ever eaten?!



Parma ham 18 months, wild boar mortadella and bacon fillet, smoked buffalo mozzarella

 ATTENTION: they can be addictive! I warned you!


What then… with our Km0 products they are not so classic !!

#LaMargherita - 7,50€ 

our “Scuderi” tomato and fiordilatte mozzarella

#Chocolate chip - 11€ 

our “Scuderi” tomato, stracciatella di burrata dop and fresh basil

#Hoax - 9€ 

our “Scuderi” tomato, Bufala Campana dop out of cooking and fresh basil

#4 cheeses - 14€ 

our tomato "Scuderi" at the base, mozzarella fiordilatte, Piedmontese toma, gorgonzola dop and castelmagno dop in output

#Cotto - 9€ 

our tomato "Scuderi" at the base, mozzarella fiordilatte and cooked ham out of cooking.

#Raw - 12€ 

our tomato "Scuderi" at the base, mozzarella fiordilatte and Parma ham out of cooking.

# Sausage & Friarielli - 16€

our tomato "Scuderi" at the base, sausage and broccoli cream

#Anchovy - 15€

Well simplicity always pays off, our "Scuderi" tomato, "Cantabrigo" anchovies out of cooking, buffalo campan dop and oregano

Er maggico "PADELLINO"

Don't be fooled by
crunchiness, in the mouth it will melt
immediately, disappearing! PUFF!
My intent was precisely that of
playing with textures, and you ?!
Don't you want to play?

#Shock - 16€ 

Stracciatella di burrata dop,
raw shrimp, its bisque e
parsley drops

#Scuderi - 18€ 

Stuffed with buffalo stracciatella with pistachio, wild boar mortadella and chopped pistachios


A well-celled and crumbly dough given by high hydration and type 1 @Antiqua flour. It is split in half and stuffed making you enjoy with every bite! Daaaiiii tell me you want to taste them?!?

# Cotto & Fontina - 10€ 

Cooked ham Sabbione and Fontina Valdostana

#Monferrino - 18€ 

Battuta di Fassona, capers, mustard, chives, lime zest and salted zabaglione

#Pork - 15€ 

Cheese fondue, stewed onion and pork roast


As if the others weren't

#Veronica - 18€ 

I was undecided on which combinations to do and so I put both! 1/2 stracciatella, 1/2 smoked buffalo cream, 1/2 wild boar mortadella, 1/2 cooked ham and to finish the potato croquettes stuffed with mozzarella


# Zola & Pere - 15€ 

Gorgonzola, Parma ham 18 months and our pear compote

#Vegetarian - 13€ 

Not the usual vegetarian! A game of textures with seasonal vegetables

#Salmo - 17€ 

What do you do with two starches ?! Why not! Boiled potato with basil pesto, salmon tartare and lemon zest.

#Fintamagra -16€ 

Yes, gratin the pizza with flavored breadcrumbs and add buffalo stracciatella, lard and caramelized onion. BOOM! SPACE!

#Piedmontese - 18€ 

Imagine the vitello tonnato the old way with a tomato salad, this is this pizza!

#Mortazza - 17€ 

Nooooo imagine if I put a wild boar mortadella, with the stracciatella with pistachio, drops of rubra and after cooking the chopped pistachios. Nooo but vah!


#LapolpettadelloZio - 18€ 

Daaiii tell me you've never seen meatballs on pizza! Fassona meatballs with sauce and cheese fondue

#La Bedda Norma - 14€ 

Our Scuderi tomato is the basis for a diced fried eggplant, basil and abundant salted ricotta

#RoughFried - 18€ 

But are you crazy fry the raw ?! I fry the raw, I find it very sexy! Boiled potato, fried 18-month Parma ham and buffalo stracciatella. I know that you feel like it!

#CarboPizza - 17€ 

Carbonara on pizza? Well yes!
Carbonara on pizza!
Crispy bacon, eggs, pecorino cream and pepper.
Tell you that you feel like it!


#Kissed 2.0 - 18€

Let's go to Piedmont with baciato fillet, castelmagno, carrot cream and chopped hazelnuts

#Wurstel and Potato - 16€

You have never seen a sausage and potato like this ...
Bed of provala, roasted potatoes flavored with rosemary, and 100% pure Italian pork artisan wurstel.
A classic revisited! Try it!


#Benefit - 18€

Robiola base, porcini mushrooms, uncooked lard from colonnata and spicy "Casa Beneficio" honey. do I have to add more?

#Matriciana wrong - 18€

Which is not so wrong! I make it with onion, why ?! Why not?! Our Scuderi tomato, crispy bacon, stewed onion and pecorino cream. Daje!

#Fassona - 17€

Bed of Piedmontese toma, fassona carpaccio, caramelized onion and yogurt cream. And try to tell me that you don't feel like it ?!

#Hats - 16€

Dad's Sunday stew ... lots of stuff! Roast sfilacciato with its reduction, rosemary potatoes and yoghurt sauce

ADDITIONAL INGREDIENT: from € 1.50 to € 3.00


# Tiramisu "Scuderi" - 6€ 

#Cheesecake with variable flavor - 6€ 

#Sacher by the spoon - 6€ 

#Chocolate ball with chocolate cake and black cherries inside - 8€ 

#daidimmichenonvuoi FINISHING BEAUTY - 10€ 


San Benedetto Prestige water 0.75 cl - € 2.50 -

Coca Cola and Coca Cola zero 0.33 cl - €3 -

Abbondio orangeade, gazzosa and chinotto 0,275 cl - 3 € -


Coffee - € 1.50 -

Coffee Dek - € 1.50 -

Ginseng - 2€ -

Amaro - 4€ -


Covered - 2€ -





State road to canelli 61L

Nizza Monferrato